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The Divine Pymander

The Kybalion

"We take great pleasure in presenting to the attention of students and investigators of the Secret Doctrines this little work based upon the world-old Hermetic Teachings. There has been so little written upon this subject, notwithstanding the countless references to the Teachings in the many works upon occultism, that the many earnest searchers after the Arcane Truths will doubtless welcome the appearance of the present volume.

The purpose of this work is not the enunciation of any special philosophy or doctrine, but rather is to give to the students a statement of the Truth that will serve to reconcile the many bits of occult knowledge that they may have acquired, but which are apparently opposed to each other and which often serve to discourage and disgust the beginner in the study. Our intent is not to erect a new Temple of Knowledge, but rather to place in the hands of the student a Master-Key with which he may open the many inner doors in the Temple of Mystery through the main portals he has already entered.

There is no portion of the occult teachings possessed by the world which have been so closely guarded as the fragments of the Hermetic Teachings which have come down to us over the tens of centuries which have elapsed since the lifetime of its great founder, Hermes Trismegistus, the "scribe of the gods," who dwelt in old Egypt in the days when the present race of men was in its infancy. Contemporary with Abraham, and, if the legends be true, an instructor of that venerable sage, Hermes was, and is, the Great Central Sun of Occultism, whose rays have served to illumine the countless teachings which have been promulgated since his time. All the fundamental and basic teachings embedded in the esoteric teachings of every race may be traced back to Hermes. Even the most ancient teachings of India undoubtedly have their roots in the original Hermetic Teachings." - Three Initiates

Stones and Gemstones of Myth and Legend

An occult encyclopedia of stones and gemstones of myth and legend.

The stones and gemstones included, are as follows:

Aetities or Aquilaeus........ 3
Agapis........ 4
Aleeterius........ 5
Amandinus........ 6
Amiante........ 7
Anancithidus........ 8
Antiphates........ 9
Antracites or Antrachas or Anthrax........ 10
Balasius........ 11
Belocolus........ 12
Brimstone........ 13
Cactomite........ 14
Calundronius........ 15
Celonites or Celontes........ 16
Cepionidus........ 17
Ceraunius, or Cerraolus........ 18
Chelidonius (red)........ 19
Chrisoletus........ 20
Chrysolite........ 21
Chrysoprase........ 22
Demonius........ 23
Devil's Pillar........ 24
Draconites........ 25
Garatronicus........ 26
Glosopetra or Gulosus........ 27
Hamon........ 28
Hyena........ 29
Jet........ 30
Kinocetis........ 31
Lacteus........ 32
Lapis Exilis........ 33
Lapis Judaicus........ 34
Lignite........ 35
Lippares or Liparia........ 36
Lodestene........ 37
Mephis or Memphitis........ 38
Opal........ 39
Philosopher's Stone........ 40
Polytrix........ 47
Pontica........ 48
Quirinus or Quirus........ 49
Salagrama........ 50
Stroking Stones and Images........ 51
Ziazaa........ 52

Agate, or Achates........ 53
Amethyst........ 54
Beryl........ 55
Bezoar (red)........ 56
Bloodstone or Heliotrope........ 57
Carbuncle........ 58
Coral (red)........ 59
Emerald........ 60
Diadochus........ 61
Diamond........ 62
Fongites........ 63
Garnet........ 64
Gnostic Gems........ 65
Jacinth, or Hyacinth........ 66
Jasper (green)........ 67
Pearls........ 68
Onyx........ 69
Sapphire........ 70
Sardius........ 71
Turquoise........ 72

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Enuma Elish: Creation Tablets

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Nikola Tesla's Patents

"Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine." - Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a genius; a true 'man of the future'... his works and name should never be forgotten! In his lifetime, over 278 patents were issued to him in 26 countries around the globe! The patents displayed in this app are significant and ground-breaking to say the least. In their time (1901), they had the potential to change the entire world (for the better). In fact, even now (now more than ever), in our time, these patents still hold the same world-changing potential! So please, check out the app, and if you understand the patents... do not just read them; instead, actually try to re-create and experiment with them, because Knowledge is power, and with it, humanity can truly work wonders! Enjoy the app! The specific names of the inventions/patents displayed in this app, are listed below:

1. Coil for Electro Magnets
2. Method of Signaling
3. Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy
4. Method of Utilizing Radiant Energy
5. Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Mediums
6. Apparatus for Utilizing Effects Transmitted From a Distance to a Receiving Device Through Natural Media
7. Apparatus for Utilizing Effects Transmitted Through Natural Media
8. Method of Utilizing Effects Transmitted Through Natural Media
9. Method of Intensifying and Utilizing Effects Transmitted Through Natural Media
10. Turbine
11. Apparatus for Aerial Transportation

Freemasonic Apps

Masonic Secrets: Modes of Recognition

Degrees of Freemasonry (A. A. Scottish Rite)

Scottish Rite. French writers call this the " Ancient and Accepted Rite," but as the Latin Constitutions of the Order designate it as the " Antiquus' Scoticus Ritus Acceptus," or the " Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite," that title has now been very generally adopted as the correct name of the Rite. Although one of the youngest of the Masonic Rites, having been established not earlier than the year 1801, it is at this day the most popular and the most extensively diffused. Supreme Councils or governing bodies of the Rite are to be found in almost every civilized country of the world, and in many of them it is the only Masonic obedience. The history of its organization is briefly this. In 1758, a body was organized at Paris called the "Council of Emperors of the East and West." This Council organized a Rite called the " Rite of Perfection," which consisted of twenty-five degrees, the highest of which was "Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret." In 1761, this Council granted a Patent or Deputation to Stephen Morin, authorizing him to propagate the Rite in the Western continent, whither he was about to repair. In the same year, Morin arrived at the city of St. Domingo, where he commenced the dissemination of the Rite, and appointed many Inspectors, both for the West Indies and for the United States. Among others, he conferred the degrees on M. Hayes, with a power of appointing others when necessary. Hayes accordingly appointed Isaac Da Costa Deputy Inspector-General for South Carolina, who in 1783 introduced the Rite into that State by the establishment of a Grand Lodge of Perfection in Charleston. Other Inspectors were subsequently appointed, and in 1801 a Supreme Council was opened in Charleston by John Mitchell and Frederick Dalcho. There is abundant evidence in the Archives of the Supreme Council that up to that time the twenty-five degrees of the Rite of Perfection were alone recognized. But suddenly, with the organization of the Supreme Council, there arose a new Rite, fabricated by the adoption of eight more of the continental high degrees, so as to make the thirty-third and not the twenty-fifth degree the summit of the Rite. The Rite consists of thirty-three degrees, which are divided into seven sections, each section being under an appropriate jurisdiction.

Degrees of Freemasonry (American Rite)

"American Rite. It has been proposed, and I think with propriety, to give this name to the series of degrees conferred in the United States. The York Rite, which is the name by which they are usually designated, is certainly a misnomer, for the York Rite properly consists of only the degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason, including in the last degree the Holy Royal Arch. This was the Masonry that existed in England at the time of the revival of the Grand Lodge in 1717. The abstraction of the Royal Arch from the Master's degree, and its location as a separate degree, produced that modification of the York Rite which now exists in England, and which should properly be called the Modern York Rite, to distinguish it from the Ancient York Rite, which consisted of only three degrees. But in the United States still greater additions have been made to the Rite, through the labors of Webb and other lecturers, and the influence insensibly exerted on the Order by the introduction of the Ancient and Accepted Rite into this country. The American modification of the York Rite, or the American Rite, consists of nine degrees,viz. :

1. Entered Apprentice.
2. Fellow Craft.
3. Master Mason.
4. Mark Master.
6. Past Master.
6. Most Excellent Master.
7. Holy Royal Arch.
8. Royal Master.
9. Select Master.

A tenth degree, called Super-Excellent Master, is conferred in some Councils as an honorary rather than as a regular degree ; but even as such it is repudiated by many Grand Councils. To these, perhaps, should be added three more degrees, namely, Knight of the Red Cross, Knight Templar, and Knight of Malta, which are given in Commanderies, and are under the control of Grand Commanderies, or, as they are sometimes called. Grand Encampments. But the degrees of the Commandery, which are also known as the degrees of Chivalry, can hardly be called a part of the American Rite. The possession of the eighth and ninth degrees is not considered a necessary qualification for receiving them. The true American Rite consists only of the nine degrees, above enumerated. There is, or may be, a Grand Lodge, Grand Chapter, Grand Council, and Grand Commandery in each State, whose jurisdiction is distinct and sovereign within its own territory. There is no General Grand Lodge, or Grand Lodge of the United States ; but there is a General Grand Chapter and a Grand Encampment, to which the Grand Chapters and Grand Commanderies of some, but not all, of the States are subject." - Albert G. Mackey (An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry)

Degrees of Freemasonry (American Adoptive Rite)

Masonic Working Tools

Masonic Lectures of the Blue Lodge

Masonic Master's Carpet of Emblems

Symbols of Freemasonry I

Symbols and Traditions Included:



Full Version (Symbols of Freemasonry Vol. I) -

Free Version (Symbols of Freemasonry Vol. II) -

"This paper (app) begins with an earnest effort to describe a modern, basic concept of the Great Architect of the Universe as the foundation upon which all men can agree; not necessarily agree on the language of this discourse, for each reader must think and perceive in his own language and thought, but each reader is urged to think this basic concept through to his own conclusion, basing his thinking on the truth of the existence and reality of one ever living God, so that all may build upon the same foundation and there be no division..

The next truth that this paper (app) hopes to show, and that from the symbolical and traditional evidence in Masonry itself, is that from the beginnings of all stages of human enlightenment and knowledge man has looked up to some superior being as the focal point of his religious perception. It is further hoped that the thoughtful reader perceive that, as the three Craft degrees symbolize the three principal stages of human life — youth, manhood and old-age — in its development, both physically and spiritually, the institution of Freemasonry has passed through these stages of development. Finally, that in speculative Masonry, symbolizing the period of old-age, it attains to the highest of all spiritual traditions, which is, "That Temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens," or the "Spiritual Temple" which also rests upon that basic foundation of eternal verity on which all men can agree and build, and in which all men are brothers." - Horace Sykes

The Masonic Book of Crosses

United States of Masonry

Freemasonic ABCs

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The Book of Kek

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

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